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""The entertaining narrative minefield pops with surprises and grim echoes of our present, keeping the pages turning..." 

—Kirkus Reviews


"The book has a deep focus and meaning – both what is real and what is important to a life as fragile as ours in this earth...The detective moves from sleuthing force to a writer and this transformation is both physical and also creative. The interior life of the narrator is rich with observation and insight and it parallels the story and the movement of this characters’ journey." 

-Darcey Steinke, author of Sister Golden Hair


"A solid, beautifully written piece of dystopian fiction...Five stars. It's dystopian gold."

—Melissa Ruiz, Every Free Chance Books


"Kruvant's book is a look at what could happen if we aren't careful, and that's terrifying to me...ARM is a fresh idea, a new sort of resistance not often seen in dystopian novels...Victor's growth as a character was also great...Following his growth into a writer and his changing mindset about art and the government is a fascinating journey."

Jancee's Reading Journal


"Kruvant has written a fantastic novel that has so much creativity (ironic, right?), suspense, and real emotion. I was immediately intrigued and hungry for more. I devoured this book in three days...five stars."

—Lori Bree, Palmer's Page Turners


"This was a great book along the same vein of 1984 or A Clockwork Orange with very classic dystopian themes...I really wish this book was longer...and found it hard to put it down. Five stars from me...I would definitely be interested in reading more from this author."

—Ms. Nose in a Book


"The concept of this book is's got a cool factor to it that sci fans will enjoy."

—Lauren Hoser, Ace and Hoser Blook


"(This book) offers insights about possible futures and addresses how language and literature define our humanity."

—Literary Hub


"I found this to be a book that really made me think about the future. I liked Victor’s character and I had a lot of the same questions as he did...I give this book 4 1/2 out of 5 stars."

—Heather Lynne, Hezzi-D's Books


"This is an unusual read.  It speaks of a dystopian future that sounds altogether too real."

—Jo Ann Hakola, Book Faerie


"A promising debut with a fascinating premise."

—2 Kids and Tired Books






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