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Reality is MagicJonah Kruvant
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Reality is Magic

“This world has seen better days,”

people keep saying amidst the COVID haze.


Stop complaining.

Stop blaming others.

Take responsibility

and then we can recover.


The very least we can do

is put on a mask.

Yes, I’m speaking to you

who can’t perform this simple task.


And I’m speaking to the leaders

who care more about their ego

than the American people.


We’re all tired of the problems we’re having

but sometimes we gotta stop blabbering,

and take some action

and stop just reacting.


Donate to a food bank,

give to the needy,

pull out your wallet,

and stop acting greedy.

Make a difference

to help existence.


Cause the only thing you need to remember

from January all through December

is to help other people in any way you can,

help yourself too, and give back to the land.


Listen to your voice

wholly and truly,

and appreciate what you have

'cause reality is magic.

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