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The Wonder of Insignificance

People gather in collective silence

in a state of stupefaction

to gaze at this waterfall,

its ferocious energy somehow soothing,

its spray a vast wispy cloud so opaque

we sense its movement through the mist,

the fog in our head lifted

as we simply be,

awed and unencumbered.

Mossy rocks emerge and surround the canyon

as the breeze of Dettifoss

flips the page of my weathered notebook,

but I don’t want to leave just yet.

I’ve found a place

where the impatient cherish the wait,

where the cynical can’t help but widen their eyes,

where everything is washed away

from the Earth

straight to our soul.

There is nothing that can stop

the ticking clock

of our lives

more than the feeling of sheer awe

where we relish beauty

in profound incredulity

and feel dwarfed by nature’s immeasurable power.

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