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The Luxury of being Lazy

We’re really such animals. Nothing is more arrogant than the theory of human superiority. We strut. We pout at anything that doesn’t go our way. Yet—

Animals just be. They observe, they protect, they play, they survive. They learn to hunt and don't have the luxury to let knowledge slip from their memories. They are real, just like the dirt beneath their paws. With its oceans, its deserts, and its trees, the Earth is the reality that surrounds them.

Humans forget. They overlook. They have the luxury of being lazy. They need reminders for all that is good and just.

It is the child who is taught good from evil, the adult who must work to remember. Yes, they must work for the dollar, that drive for so many, that collective agreement, that manmade invention as ubiquitous to humans as the clouds in the sky.

Yet in “society,” that human creation, we must also work to do what we love, to keep connecting with others, to hold our moralities intact.

If humans are willing to embrace the true struggles, to do what is good instead of what is easy, to take responsibility when they do wrong, to simply make an effort, and to face life’s challenges with grit, conviction, and acceptance, then they can survive, and be one with the Earth with its sand beneath your toes.


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